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I can't believe it's almost been three years now since I first went to Brazil. Actually it was on January 11, 2008 that I packed my bags and headed off to Florianopolis, Brazil. I arrived ready to surf, practice my newly learned Portuguese skills, and most of all find out if the women in Brazil look anything like all those beautiful Brazilian models you see in the mags.

I found out my surfing skills were very average, my Portuguese was horrible, and the ladies were even more beautiful than I imagined!

So here I am almost three years later. During that time I started up the "Girls of Brazil" project and made three swimsuit calendars. I married a beautiful Brazilian. And I discovered a fantastic rock band from Brazil that I am now representing (South Cry). I've been selling off my American businesses and re-transitioning my life into the things I am passionate about.

I never expected to turn the "Girls of Brazil" into anything big commercially. But surprisingly the project has grown a nice following and for that I thank you all for the support and of course to the beautiful women in Brazil who make this possible.

Warm regards,

Jeremiah Thompson
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